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Nino Film Blog | June 12, 2024

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TV report: 101 year-old Marko Feingold remembers alpine exodus [German]

Nino Leitner

A few months ago I was hired by ARD Studio Vienna to shoot a piece about a very special event with a very special participant. It’s rare that I shoot on traditional ENG-style camcorders like this Sony PDW-700 these days, but this was a request for a special and important topic, so I happily agreed to lug around this heavy camcorder 🙂

Beware, this is German language programme for the BR TV Channel’s blog.


At the annual Alpine Peace Crossing in Krimml (at the national park Hohe Tauern, famous for Austria’s largest waterfalls), one of the least documented chapters of Austrian post-war history is remembered: During summer 1947, 5,000 jews fled to South Tyrol, in order to come closer to their dream of finding a new home in Palestine. During the allied occupation during the war, people weren’t allowed to leave the country but many of the remaining jews wanted to flee because of what happened during the holocaust.

One of the key figures from back then is the now 101 year old Marko Feingold, who organized the escape over the Krimmler Tauern mountain pass. A reason for their escape was the strong antisemitism which refugees had to suffer from. Marko Feingold survived four concentration camps and is still fighting against the slack dealing of Austrians with what has happened during World War 2.

Since around 8 years, the initiative Alpine Peace Crossing exists – and it’s dedicated to refugees around the world. Current asylum seekers take part in the peace hike and walk together with contemporary witnesses and other people who are committed to fight for a humane refugee policy.

Journalists: Susanne Glass & Katharina Steinwendtner
Camera: Nino Leitner
Sound: Klaus Winkler
Editor: Christine Deriaz

[partly translated from the BR blog]



  1. Wauw, for a 101 year old man he is looking remarkable fit. Did he really walk the whole route in the mountains? Nice to see the results of your work online Nino!

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