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Nino Film Blog | June 22, 2024

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Varavon Pro Finder DSLR viewfinder video review

Varavon Pro Finder DSLR viewfinder video review

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So here it is finally, my long overdue review of the Varavon Pro Finder.

First of all, watch my video review, it covers a lot … below you find further information!

Varavon Pro Finder – Video Review from Nino Leitner on Vimeo.


  • Great build quality, one of the best I have seen so far (comparable only to the Letus Hawk VF and the Zacuto Z-Finder)
  • Good optics, with diopter adjustment
  • “Top down view” for long angle shots or shooting “from the hip”, which is a unique feature
  • Great eye cup, almost as good as the eye cup of the Z-Finder, which is still the best – allows extended shooting and completely blocks out surroundings
  • Nice padded case comes with it
  • Quick Release works perfectly
  • Easy attachment of the plate because of a tightening screw that can be fastened by hand


  • Unbelievably huge. It makes the DSLR look like a camcorder – which even might be a good thing in some cases.
  • The top down view might be useful only rarely
  • Different attachment plates needed for different cameras, relatively expensive (but also incredible quality)
  • Plates are only available for the Canon EOS 5D Mark II, 7D and T2i / 550D
  • Unusable with a battery grip, special plates for grips are not available

So this is really a solid piece of equipment and should also be considered by anyone who is thinking about getting a higher-end viewfinder like the Hawk VF or Z-Finder – only if you don’t mind its size though!

You can also order it directly from Varavon in South Korea here (be careful because of duties though!).


  1. Cristo

    Awesome shirt

    • Thanks – might have one or two of those as additional prices of my upcoming filmmaking competition 🙂 Will announce sometime next week, stay tuned!

  2. Can you mount the Varavon view finder to a tripod?

    • Yes, the attachment bracket comes with thread on the bottom

  3. Joel

    How do you remove the Loupe Mini from the profinder? it doesn’t look like it can come off.

    • Joel

      ok, I just found out but ended up breaking one of the small clips. Bad design there, it should have come with an instruction manual.

  4. matteo borghi

    please, can you tell me if is compatible with tripod or shoulder? does it have the screw hole?

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