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Nino Film Blog | June 22, 2024

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Official C100 short “Just C It” by Sebastian Devaud

Nino Leitner
  • On September 10, 2012

French filmmaker and DSLR early-adopter Sebastian Devaud shot the official C100 film “Just C It” for Canon, and it looks extremely impressive. I am very surprised the sharpness is on par with the C300, but then again it is the exact same sensor than the one in the C300 and the C500.

He made really good use of the C100’s really small form factor – in fact, I played with it a lot at Canon’s stand at NAB and it is built exactly with the same magnesium parts as the C300. Same quality. It is much better built than the Sony FS100 or FS700 and doesn’t have the “plastic feel” at all.

Sebastian made really good use of the small form factor and put the camera in all sorts of places – on the head of a base jumper, underwater … incredible! I think this camera will become incredibly popular once it’s out, and the street price already looks close to €5,000. Let’s see where it puts its bigger brother, the C300 …

JUST C IT ! (EOS C100) from Sebastien DEVAUD on Vimeo.

By the way, I have to mention, Sebastian Devaud is just the coolest and most outgoing guy, and it was extremely interesting to talk to him about his work on this and other projects – I think there is much more to come for him and we have to keep a close eye on his future work!

Watch the short film “Homophobia” which I shot on the Canon C300 if you haven’t seen it yet (click here) – I expect this camera to perform very similarly in terms of light sensitivity – though the codec (AVCHD) is of course inferior to the 50MBps from the C300.

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