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Nino Film Blog | June 22, 2024

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More Canon C300 chatter with Rodney Charters by Lan Bui & Drew Gardner

More Canon C300 chatter with Rodney Charters by Lan Bui & Drew Gardner
Nino Leitner

You’ve seen my last post about the BTS shoot by Rodney Charters when he was testing the C300 alongside Lan Bui and Drew Gardner in London. Well, here’s even more of that in interview form, and Rodney is very candid about his thoughts on the Canon C300 – you can see he’s fallen in love, and hearing a major DP talk about it like this makes me looking forward to mine even more.

For instance, he dismisses the lack of 10-bit output for the simple fact that, according to him, the perceptible difference is tiny – even saying that as far as he can tell, the colours information from the C300 is far more detailed than what he saw from the F3 (at 10bit).

He talks about a lot of other interesting stuff too, for example using existing light on large production (that’s something that will make heads of some DP’s I know spinning – e.g. he’s is not replacing fluorescent lights anymore because he says it’s simply not necessary any more as you are simply dialing in the right colour temperature with modern digital cameras and match from there).

Thanks so much to Lan Bui and Drew Gardner for doing this great interview with Rodney Charters, it’s a must-see for every aspiring director of photography.

Check out Lan’s blog for detailed info about the content of this interview, it’s surely controversial but I love that Rodney clearly shows a no-bullshit attitude that is sometimes lacking from some other folks who are sponsored from the camera manufacturers directly. Here is also the link to Drew Gardner’s excellent blog, who shares a lot of invaluable information on the convergence of photography and video.

First part (of 3):

Second part (of 3):

Third and last part:


  1. Bunch o’ malarkey about the iPad [being unrealistic]. I shot a night beach scene on a Canon T2i lit with a bonfire (fish oil), two iPhones and one of those headband LED work lights…each gaffed to sticks and buried in the sand to give the actors catchlight and separation from the moonlit sea. Feature film. A super-duper-cheap feature film. I wish I could afford the C300.

  2. Great audio, wonderful commentary, fascinating and highly instructive conversation, but WHERE are the clips to illustrate the words? Remember, guys, we’re in the production business, so let’s see the results and outcomes PLUS stand-back establishing shots of the set or location in action, so we can all enjoy those “Ohhhh, THAT’S how they did it!” learning moments.

    Now, the champagne cork on the table is a nice touch (prop?) but I’m not in the champagne business!

    • Have you missed our short “13:59” which we shot on the C300? Go a few blog posts back to see it.

      • Nino:

        Thank you, as I appreciate your note and the personal touch; and, yes, I saw the other video on the C300, as I am a great fan of your work. The issue is really teaching “style” plus driving home and reinforcing the message with videos, as we often see in the backgrounders on DVD’s. It’s simply a conflict of my expectations and desires vs. your way of working. There is no right-or-wrong answer here, only style.

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