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Nino Film Blog | April 13, 2024

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UPDATED: WINNER ANNOUNCED! “What deserves our FOCUS?” competition … win a brand-new Z-Finder Pro 2.5x!

UPDATED: WINNER ANNOUNCED! “What deserves our FOCUS?” competition … win a brand-new Z-Finder Pro 2.5x!
Nino Leitner

I just realized that I crossed the magical barrier of 15,000 followers on Twitter – WOW!

To celebrate the occasion,  ZACUTO are very generously giving away a Z-FINDER PRO 2.5x! That is an incredible $395 value – a huge thanks to Zacuto for this!! It’s certainly the most popular DSLR viewfinder in the world, one of the best out there – I’ve reviewed it and compared it to other viewfinders here and here.

Win a Z-Finder:

Head over to the Facebook Page of my blog & “like” it.

Post your personal answer to the question “What deserves our FOCUS?” on the Nino Film Blog Facebook wall. Your answer could really be anything – a thought, a quote, a video link, a link to a blog … whatever you personally think it worthy focusing on for humanity.

Get as many “likes” on your wall posting as you possibly can. Inform your Facebook friends on your own wall, bribe your colleagues, beg your grandma. Whatever it takes!!

The winner takes it all – the person who has most “likes” on his or her posting on the Nino Film Blog Facebook wall on Thursday, Feb 3rd, at 11pm CET sharp, wins a brand-new Z-Finder 2.5x!
Only one wall posting per person – people who post multiple entries will be disqualified. You can delete your first posting and post something else again though – it’s only important that every person has only one posting on the Nino Film Blog FB wall.

P.S.: Post a reason why you and no other deserves to win a Z-Finder on Zacuto’s (!!) Facebook Fan Page – that will DOUBLE your chances to win (all your likes from the Nino Film Blog FB wall will count TWICE!). Of course you will also have to “like” Zacuto on Facebook. You DON’T need to repost your comment from the Nino Film Blog FB wall on the Zacuto wall, that won’t help you. Any “likes” on any posting on the Zacuto wall will also not be counted against your total “like” count!!

UPDATE – February 3rd, 2011 – WINNERS ANNOUNCED!


I’m very happy to announce the winner of the “What deserves our FOCUS?” competition. We had a whopping 68 entries to this competition, and many thousands of likes on all posts in total.

Some people really thought hard about what really deserves our focus … please check out the postings on the Nino Film Blog Facebook wall and have a read through all of them … some really great thoughts there!

In the end, the “like-match” was between Tadeusz Kieniewicz (“Ted”) and Gabriel Remes – but Ted won in the end, with an almost unreal number of 431 likes in total. I know Ted from our last year’s HDSLR Masterclass on Majorca, and he is a very talented and hard-working up-and-coming DSLR shooter. Congratulations Ted, Zacuto will be sending you the great Zacuto Z-Finder Pro 2.5x!

(By the way, the HDSLR Masterclass on Majorca is going to take place again this June, this time with Philip Bloom there as well – details very soon, stay tuned!).

Gabriel, don’t worry, all your efforts of bugging all of your friends to vote for you weren’t in vain – Zacuto is giving you the choice between a brand-new iPhone Point-and-Shoot or their Point-and-Shoot Pro!

Big thanks again to Zacuto for making this possible and also making these two filmmakers very happy!


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