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Nino Film Blog | July 13, 2024

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GEARAMA – Episode 2 – Cinevate Simplis Pro / Dual DSLR Rig Review

GEARAMA – Episode 2 – Cinevate Simplis Pro / Dual DSLR Rig Review

And here we go, the 2nd episode of our gear review show GEARAMA is online!

This time we talk about the Cinevate Simplis Dual (or Pro, how it’s called with the Cyclops viewfinder included) DSLR rig. In case you missed the first episode, check it out here – we talked about the Cinevate Cyclops DSLR viewfinder.

As you can see in the show, I really like it, because it is a very lightweight and sturdy construction, with all the knobs and handles tightening down perfectly without any rattle, just as it’s supposed to. I am a big fan of small lightweight rigs that don’t add to much weight to your overall setup, thereby keeping one of DSLRs’ biggest advantages: low footprint and weight, portability. It’s very close to the Zacuto Striker rig that is still my absolute favorite.

Anyway, a big fan of this Cinevate rig, I’ll have to cry when FedEx picks it back up shortly! 😉

For more information about the Cinevate Simplis rig, check it out on the Cinevate website right here.

If someone is interested in first trying their products before they purchase, that they can visit the closest Cinevate dealer. A list of Cinevate dealers is available at

Thanks again to Bobo for offering his help and having his studio available for the shoot. Check out his work on his website, you rarely find someone as experienced and nice as Bobo in one package! We shot in his video studio, which is perfect for a lot of different kinds of shoots. So if you ever need a place in Vienna to shoot, ask Bobo. He really is always happy to help.

Disclaimer: Neither of us is affiliated with Cinevate in any way.


  1. Marco

    Hi, Nino. Great review! Just what I was looking for.
    Just a question, did you try to use the Simplis Dual with the Zacuto Z-Finder instead of the Cyclops? I have the Z Finder with Gorilla plate. I really would like to go with this Cinevate gear due to it´s very modular.
    What a great idea about Gearama, specially for us that can´t test gears in our countries before buying.
    Keep on this serie!


    • Hi Marco! Yes, I’m sure it is no problem at all to use with the Z-Finder. You just need to put a Manfrotto baseplate on the camera body and off you go with the Simplis!

      • Marco

        Hi, Nino. That´s what I wanted to know.
        Keep the gear reviews on.

  2. Hi Nino,

    this is what I’m looking for. Really lovet it. There’s a dealer in Barcelona, I’ll go and check it out but I feel really convinced.

    Thanks for the review and keep up with this, it’s very useful for us!

  3. Hi Nino, can I get this cinevate product in Vienna or somewhere close in central Europe? Or you got it directly from US?
    I’m thinking of buying simplis dual but there is no distributor near.

    • Don’t know how to get it here directly, they sent me a review loaner from Canada. Did you check their dealer finder on the website?

      • Yes of course I did. Nut none of the 3 dealers have it. So I may order it from US.
        Is there some zacuto dealer in Vienna or some good HDSLR equipment store there. Because I cannot find anything mildly usable in Bratislava.

      • There are some, like Digital Store Vienna (the official Zacuto dealer in Austria), but they are not cheap.

        With the current $ exchange rate, it makes much more sense to order abroad and absorb the duties. It’s still much cheaper. Plus, you get the import VAT back if you have a company.

      • Thank you very much Nino. I have a company so that’s an important info for me.
        Looking forward for more great reviews.

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