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Nino Film Blog | June 12, 2024

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Apple Store workshop tour (Europe) – Commercial Filmmaking

Apple Store workshop tour (Europe) – Commercial Filmmaking
Nino Leitner

I am happy to announce that I am about to start a workshop tour across 4 Apple Stores throughout Europe to talk about my experiences as well as tips and tricks in commercial filmmaking, together with my partners at G-Technology. I will tell you a little bit about my own work and where I came from and how (among other things) I got into shooting and sometimes producing commercials.

London Covent Garden, one of four Apple Stores Nino Leitner will be holding workshops in about commercial filmmaking.

London Covent Garden, one of four Apple Stores Nino Leitner will be holding workshops in about commercial filmmaking.

I will share tips and tricks that might surprise you but will definitely help you in your filmmaking career as you move along. Many of these tips and tricks are also relevant for part-time or hobby filmmakers, but I definitely talk from a professional’s perspective. Another important aspect that will be covered is data management on and off set, and how to deal with backups properly and reliably. Dates, times and locations:

26/04, 2pm (14:00): Apple Store Berlin Kurfürstendamm (click here to reserve on
28/04, 5pm (17:00): Apple Store Hamburg Jungfernstieg (click here to reserve on
30/04, 6.30pm (18:30): Apple Store London Covent Garden (click here to reserve on 03/05, 2pm (14:00): Apple Store Amsterdam (click here to reserve on

The workshops in Berlin and Hamburg will be held in German, while the ones in London and Amsterdam will be held in English.
If individual workshops are already fully booked, don’t worry – please simply turn up. I am sure there will be plenty of space to host everyone as not everyone who signed up will actually show up!!


Click on this preview image on the individual Apple Store pages to sign up for one of the workshops. If the image is not displayed, scroll down to find a sign-up link in the text announcement.

Thanks to G-Technology, who organize and sponsor tour in conjunction with Apple, sign-up for these sessions is entirely free. Each presentation is going to last around 40 minutes (if I manage to keep myself short, which is hard for me!!), and there will be Q&A sessions afterwards. Of course I will hang around to talk to you guys individually too. Really looking forward to this and see you there!!



  1. Interesting post! Looking forward to hearing about it.

  2. You coming Dan Weecks?

  3. congrats Nino! Sounds like fun

  4. I’ll be in France until next week, then DE for a week and then Austria until June 3rd

  5. That’s vool Dan, sounds like we can meet in Vienna mid or end of May

  6. How full is Covent Garden ?

  7. Wow – “event is full” according to … But come anyway Steve if you can, I am sure many people will not turn up and there will be space!!

  8. I wish I could head along to Covent Garden! Have fun for me though Nino 😉

  9. I’m guest lecturing at the SAE Wien University May 16th if you’ll be in town

  10. Cool!

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