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Nino Film Blog | May 21, 2024

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DitoGear DriveCam Slider (for timelapses) received

DitoGear DriveCam Slider (for timelapses) received

Today I quizzed my 8.000 Twitter followers what they guessed was inside a giant package I received from UPS today … some got it right, and here it is:

The DitoGear DriveCam Slider for timelapses (1m version)!

Very surprisingly, the nice folks at DitoGear from Poland (one of them being Patryk Kizny, well known for his jaw-dropping HDR timelapses) put my logo on the slider! Wow! I had no idea about this. So I guess I could call it the limited edition Nino Film Logo DriveCam Slider 😉 (pun intended).

I will test this gear inside and out over the course of the coming weeks.

It looks like I will also be able to get anyone who wants to buy one of their products a rebate (!), but more on that a little later. In the meantime, I’ll start playing with my new toy 🙂


  1. Looking forward to your review! This is a very interesting piece of equipment.

  2. i will be checking back soon to see the time lapse’ you produce with the “limited edition Nino Film Logo DriveCam Slider”. hey philip bloom’s not the only one with his name on the gear. please post some tips as well for those of us who are just getting into Time lapse photography. cheers Nino 🙂

    • Will do, Joel, just give me some time with it! Yeah, mine is even a MUCH more limited edition as there’s only this one piece 😛
      Hope all is well in London!

  3. Hi Nino,

    Great work!

    Can the drive cam be used for normal video sliding?


    • Hi Francisco, yes it can be used for real-time sliding, although only remotely controlled with the controller – you can’t move it manually. But I think that doesn’t matter because you can even pre-program movements.

      • Nino,

        Thanks for the quick reply.

        Sorry, 3 more questions (the last ones, i promise):
        1) is the movement smooth for video?
        2) can i program different speeds?
        3) just for video purposes, do you think this one is better than a manual one? (from what I have seen one the net the prices are similar)

        Thanks a lot once again,

      • No problem Francisco, here are the answers:

        1) yes, but I have to do more testing, but it is smooth (though not very silent)
        2) yes
        3) Not sure about that if you want it for only that purpose. Might be better to get their upcoming CrankCam Slider, will also be cheapter than the DriveCam.

        If you want to purchase any of their products use this promotion code: “TheNino5″ to get 5% off!!

      • indeed I will 🙂 thank you once again

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